Christopher Williams. Jouer Drum Owner.

Drum 13 is on its way to Nashville, TN. It’s heading to the home of Christopher Williams, a singer/songwriter who I got to briefly meet this past fall when he played a show here in Holland with another artist named Jon Troast.  Both of these guys do a ton of house concerts all over the country and are quite fantastic.

I’ve seen Christopher play a couple of times, and after the last time he played in Holland at the Park Theatre, a bunch of us ended up hanging out downtown for some post-show food + drink.  During the course of the conversation, I mentioned that I make cajon drums and we talked about them for a bit (Christopher was excited because he’s been thinking about trying one out for quite some time).  We’ve e-mailed a bunch since then about the details of having a drum made for him, and I just finished up a beautiful one for him a few days ago.

I’m really pumped to have him play one of my drums. Christopher is a brilliant performer, and he’s got a gift for drawing an audience into the experience of his songs.  He’s a storyteller and paints elaborate pictures with his stories and songs, flowing in and out of song so naturally as he tells the stories, makes up songs on the spot, etc …  He’s also a great drummer, and usually does a song or two with just a djembe and his voice (not an easy task, at all).

Very exciting stuff!

Check out his music (and if you ever have the chance to see him live, DO IT).

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